Time Is Moving Slowly Right Now

I only took a brief glance at the previous posts, which feel like a long time ago – because they were. In my experience, sometimes time passes by quickly, with activities that are not surprising or transformational, and sometimes time is slow and changes are big and take you far. Naturally, 2019 had both, and some events from the same date feel differently, but I would summarize this year as having more changes than more of the same.

Since my last post, I have a camera of my own for photography and video and an assortment of essential gear, several smaller photography and filming gigs, artistic projects with my visuals as a part of them, an invitation to work with a group of people I hadn't worked with before, a serious text about a performance collective that will be released in a dance magazine publication, a collaborative text in the same magazine, received enough payments to not be eligible for certain financial perks, changes in my personal life and whatever else I didn't list. At the end of 2018, December 31st in fact, a noted local dance choreographer told me I should radicalize my artistic practice (and leave Croatia). I agreed with both, for the most part. My values, decision-making and visual techniques were radicalized, but artistry and Norway are still waiting.

a crowd of people on an event, with one person focused on the front a photo I'm fond that I took while I was working

I'll continue updating this blog and I'll pass along the link to more people. It is now possible to subscribe to it and receive each new post in an e-mail. The box is normally located at the end of the page, but for your convenience:

I will also be tweaking the look of the blog without compromising functionality. At some point during 2019, all the images on the blog received beautiful watermarks, at least when viewed on a PC, but I pulled the trigger and now they're gone again.

As far as content and frequency, no promises.